Project Nepal

educating Nepal’s children since 1991


Our 2019 tennis fundraiser raised over $3300!

Our current projects are supporting the formation of a pre-school in Dhimkot, the Sri Bhairabnath primary school in Kudari and rebuilding a school in Sunnigaun village, all in the Karnali district.


We recently received a $1000 donation from ArunasNepalRelief, Inc of Austin, TX to support a primary school in Phoimahadev, Kalikot with materials, teacher training and support. 


If the schools are open, the children will attend.

You can donate through the PayPal link family and friends designation.  Or make a check payable to “Project Nepal” and send to Campus USA Credit Union, 5115 NW43rd St, Gainesville, FL 32653

Project Nepal exists to educate orphaned and indigent children. We believe they are as smart as other children around the world, but lack access to affordable education.

It costs only $500 for one teacher’s salary for a year!

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